Work Order Request Form

  1. If a unit has exterior and/or roof damage, or is showing signs of a leak, or is in need of repair to a common element, it is the unit owner’s responsibility to report the damage to the Association Manager as soon as possible.
  2. Once a report is received, the Association Manager will submit a work order to the association’s approved contractor.
  3. The contractor is to determine the root cause of the damage and provide a quote on the repair.  If access to the unit is necessary, the approved contractor is to coordinate this with the Unit Owner.
  4. The Association Manager determines whether or not the Association is responsible or not for the repairs (i.e.: whether or not the cause is a Common Element, or other Association responsibility).
  5. If the Association is not responsible for the repairs, the Association Manager is to inform the Unit Owner as soon as possible, and may also pass on the repair quote from the Associations Contractor.
By submitting the form, you are acknowledging the above statements and concur.